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Iced Coffees

Unique Cafe produces some of the most unusual Iced Coffees around. Our Iced Latte is just one of them

Gluten & Lactose Free

It is our aim to provide as many Gluten Free and Lacose Free food items as possible.

From Cakes, Biscuits and energy bars to Sandwiches, Coffees and Drinks.

This is a reaction to the growing demand for these items.

We intend to give you what you want as we progress.


Please give us your feedback and or comments on 

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Our Shop Menus

Here you can view our Coffes, Teas and Drinks Menu.

Please, if there is a drink you would like to see in your Coffee Shop, just let us know.

We will be Happy to look at the possibility of providing it for you.

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